The Author
Brandea J. Kelley was born and raised in the Mormon heartland of the Utah valley.  She now resides happily in Seattle Washington with her wife and two children, enjoying the close relationships of her extended family and friends.

She received her BS in Psychology from the University of Utah, and worked as a counselor for troubled youth prior to joining the Peace Corps in west Africa. She then continued her education at the University of Washington to become a Physician Assistant, and has practiced in Oncology, Urgent Care, and Surgery in her twelve years as a Physician Assistant.

She is a Human Rights activist, art and music enthusiast, voracious reader, spiritual seeker, Qigong and meditation enthusiast, lover of the outdoors, and recovering Mormon. She is honored to serve on the board of two non-profit agencies: Global Impact (providing healthcare and service work to those in developing countries), and The Institute for Qigong and Integrative Medicine.
Brandea is available as a coach and advisor for physical, spiritual, and emotional health development. 
She is accepting appointments now and offers a free consult, spiritual or general life coaching, or advice and information. Chart your life's course!

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