The Overview
This book’s sole intent is to inspire and encourage individuals who find themselves outside the acceptable cultural norm to learn to love who they are and thrive in their difference, instead of struggle to hide or overcome it. I hope to do this by sharing my own long road to self love and recovery story, as an individual who deviated from the heterosexual majority knee deep in the Mormon heartland and underwent considerable religious and self persecution for that deviation.  I also hope to give assistance to those who are trying to help, love, support, and understand these people through sharing the stories and experiences of my family and friends...
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A Message From The Author...
I want to share this memoir of sorts to help gay or otherwise "out of the norm" people and their families and friends get through the bumps of being "other". Having grown up Mormon then finding I was gay, I had guilt that nearly caused my suicide. I've since found great happiness and peace in the knowledge that there's nothing wrong with me. I'm just different.  So I wrote a book on what I've learned, and how I learned it. I hope the message will reach readers where it matters, with a higher gay suicide rate in Utah than the National baseline.  I strive to give hope, help, and a good laugh. This is not "anti" LDS in the least, it's a call for us all to love in lieu of judging.  It's a call to develop your spirituality without the constraints of religion. I didn't get to the happy place I'm in with any grace at all, so I hope you enjoy the read despite the heavy topic. 
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